My Garden

When I say my garden, it’s really not. It is shared very passionately and possessively with our three children and my husband’s many projects. I have managed to take ownership of two areas, the kitchen garden near the house, and a wide border surrounding the children’s swing. A large area of lawn belongs firmly to the children although I have squeezed a small border to edge it next to the path where i experiment with annual and perennial meadows. That patch of lawn is the outlet for their boundless energy, for now they love it fiercely. My plans will have to wait. My well organised garden shed/ potting shed has been transformed into a micro brewery by my career changing husband. He is an obsessive, out of that shed now comes very delicious organic beer, new flavours are trialed regularly. I cannot complain because his dedication is impressive. But one day that will be mine too. Gardens evolve, as do families. I am patiently waiting….