The Cabbage

These beautiful waxy leaved brassicas hold their own year round in or out of the veg patch. They are always worth including on the winter planting list. I remember seeing purple kale sitting statuesquely in amongst an ornamental border in a public park in Paris, the dark purple leaves and stems highlighting and giving strength to the bright yellow annuals billowing around underneath it so beautifully. Any plant that fills a space majestically as well as being delicious to eat is worth planting.

Piet Oudolf has recently created ‘The Kale Garden’ in his design for The NoMa restaurant in Copenhagen. Cavello Nero is used to great effect in a huge border dedicated to the beauty of the architectural black green iron rich plants.

This year I am growing Red Russian Kale, Winter and Spring Green Cabbage along with Cavello nero. I’m looking forward to looking out at their frosty forms, feeling happy that the garden is still providing and looking productive. Either sow from seed in august or early september if the grounds still holding onto the summer warmth. Or plant plugs in early autumn.

Photo of Purple Kale in my garden.