Nook: Pergolas

It’s cold outside. But in my head I’m in a Turkish taverna, outside in the day warmed evening air under an ancient vine that winds with strength above, obliterating the simple metal framed pergola that’s holding it up. Lights hang down from branches in a twinkly, haphazard way. I have fresh simple food, really good cheap wine, bread, water and good company.

Record scratch to an abrupt halt… I’m at my desk, designing a seating area for a London garden, I was transported to somewhere I once went in Kalkan, Turkey, I want to create the same feel whenever I’m planning a covered seating area. Ultimately, that’s about the plants eventually taking over the original frame, which can be made in attractive wood or iron, because it’s going to take a while for the plants to rule. I love the idea of creating a living pergola from trees like white mulberries (won’t red mulberries drop down and stain your clothes?) and by-passing the frame itself. Planting the trees young and training them to arch into a shading dome.